What We Do​



In most professional environments, traditional training methods, no matter the subject, focus on delivering and testing knowledge in a fairly predictable format: drab powerpoint presentations, traditional role-playing and pop quizzes. After a few days of confinement in a training room and a couple of ticks on a sign-off sheet, your personnel - your capability - are sent out into the wild to enact what they've learnt. When your staff are out in the real world, the training course they attended a while ago is likely to go by the wayside when the pressure is on.


Whether they're negotiating a sales deal with a prospective client, navigating a tense customer service exchange with a customer or providing security services in fast-paced and unpredictable environments, the training that they received to prepare them for the task at hand will absolutely define how successful they are. The problem is, you often have no way to validate or measure how well they're applying that knowledge once they're in the real world. That's where we come in.


We are experts at validating knowledge and process in real-world simulated scenarios, giving you an objective and honest reflection of your organisation's capabilities.



With over 30 years combined experience in the military, our team understand better than most what's needed to make training work, and most importantly, how to validate whether or not that knowledge has stuck.

In military situations, there's only a few key indicators  that identify whether or not training has been successful. Luckily, most corporate and professional environments aren't quite as black or white, but the stakes can often be just as high.


While we can deliver tailored training packages, our primary focus lies in auditing the success of the training programs that you have delivered within your organisation. Our approach is dynamic, unique and non-scripted - we aren't actors. 


Using our hand-picked and highly-skilled scenario enactors, Virtus Training Group will audit the knowledge and readiness of your staff using military-grade testing techniques. 


This is not role-playing as you know it - this is adaptive auditing with a purpose; to test the response of your organisation and your personnel in real-world simulated scenarios.