Our Team



Virtus Training Group was conceptualised and formed by two former New Zealand Defence Force soldiers. With over seven deployments between them, including to Iraq, Afghanistan, Timor Leste and the Solomon Islands, the business is now owned and operated by Charles Jury, who has specialist knowledge in a wide range of intelligence functions, including analytical fusion, collection operations, general military and other operation experience. 


Throughout his career, Charles saw opportunities outside of Government and defence-based operations where their military training and knowledge could provide significant value to corporate and commercial environments. In late 2015, Virtus Training Group was launched with a view to providing training and auditing products to the corporate and commercial market in New Zealand.

Charles Jury

 Fresh out of school at 17, Charles joined the NZ Army as a Rifleman. Completing training six months thereafter, Charles spent the first six years of his military career based in Christchurch, during which time he shifted to intelligence-based operations and was deployed to Afghanistan and the Solomon Islands.  Later in his military career he deployed to Afghanistan before completing his senior coursing in Intelligence and Leadership training. From 2013-2015, Charles was an Intelligence Team Leader within the NZ Army.


After a few flirts with leaving the military for more civilian-based activities, Charles finally took the leap in 2015, setting up Virtus Training Group with Craig Barker. Charles is now the day-to-day manager of the business, running the gamut of sales, marketing, training and auditing design and delivery, scenario enactor selection and training all the way through to admin and finance.