Our Approach



We can audit the effectiveness of training programs based in any discipline at your request, but as we have built a wider team of specialists who have substantial experience in sales and customer service, we can deliver an extremely unique product that's unparalleled in the corporate training and testing industry.


This sales, marketing and customer service expertise combined with our military precision and non-civilian intelligence techniques brings a significant advantage to the depth of the auditing and feedback we can provide to you. 


Never done any training? We can still help, and some would argue you're in the prime position for our support and services. We can apply our auditing to your current operation to highlight any areas that may need your focus in order to optimise your capability, and then provide you with a set of recommendations to support people and process improvements in the future.



We will meet with you to discuss the fundamentals - to learn more about your business environment, to discuss what type of training you're looking to validate, and to discuss any areas of concern or focus that you might have.



We will then design a real-world simulation scenario, the details of which we will not share with you or any of your personnel in order to keep the testing environment unbiased and free of any influence. 


We will then select and prepare our scenario enactors and deploy them for testing.



Following testing, we will provide you with a full debrief, including an expansion on the method we used, details of the testing environment (like the date, the time and the type of exchange), and a full set of feedback and recommendations crafted in conjunction with our wider team of specialists. 


Our debrief provides you with a real, unbiased and full account of the current knowledge and performance of your personnel, giving you a basic roadmap for building improved training programs in the future. We can provide you with options to design and deliver bespoke training programs at your request